November 18, 2006

one quick note about the election

I can't believe I'm already doing political schtick again, which I am notoriously bad about, but I have at least one interesting note about the recent election.\

In 2004, the motto of Hannityites and their like was, "John Kerry has no stand, he's just the anti-Bush. Nobody ever won on being the anti-anything, nobody ever won on negativity."

A full year before this election, Hannity himself made "Don't let Nancy Pelosi take over" a hallmark of his show. My first thought: Uh-oh. Everybody bashes their opponents, but unless you're running against Rick Santorum, you can't start out every speech with "I'm not so-and-so, vote for me!" That's a speech belonging to someone with nothing worthwhile to say, the speech of a loser.

The Democrats, to their credit, at least took some stands this time around. Mostly unpopular, sure to be backed off of, even flat out nonsensical positions, but they got up there and spouted 'em off (except, again, for the anti-Santorum, who needed only to be a breathing human being). The republicans, after fervently not doing what they swore they would do over six years ago, had nothing useful to say and nothing to offer but lib-bashing, I'm better than the other guy tactics. And so they lost. Hopefully, although doubtfully based on what I'm seeing, they'll learn their lesson before 2008.

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