August 27, 2006

why college professors shouldn't adopt or teach children

I was going to do this as a lengthy parody, but that's too easy, even for me. Simply read this silly little fart of an article, and substitute "College Professor" every time you see the words "Gay Person", and substitute "Deb Frisch", "Ward Churchill", or the wacky college prof of your choice for every mention of a specific gay person.

So...we're suppossed to ban a specific group and diagnose every last one of them as certifiable crazy people based on the hate mail sent to one wonk who deliberately pokes the crazies in that group every chance he gets.

Riiiiiiiight. Let's stay away from Al Franken's mailbox then, shall we? Based on Adams' criteria, every NRA member, Christian, or registered Republican would have to volunteer for sterilization tommorow.

I just tonight figured out why I continue to read Adams. I agree with him on broad strokes, but diverge big time when it comes to getting down to cases, especially with respect to gay and feminist issues. The tone of his articles bugs me, and the too-cute-by-half incessantly tounge in cheek style of three quarters of them irritates me to no end.

Desptie that, I love the overarching point of his work, which is less about advancing a specific viewpoint and more about getting under the skin of the over-sensitive ivory-tower types. I can handle his moralising, quoting the bible at me every chance he gets and insulting offices that serve useful purposes, if only marginally so.

I can handle that because, much as it bugs me, I know it makes the english prof with the hamas flag on his door two offices down from Adams absolutely batty. The self-contradictory letters of outrage and demands for censure he gets from people who purportedly make free speech and tolerance their life aims give me the warm fuzzy, and I suspect he does the other stuff for that primary purpose.

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